Class Capacity
18 students max
8 times

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In this program, students will be introduced to various kinds of Indonesian basic bumbu (white, yellow, red) and how they are processed with special techniques into the most delectable Indonesian cuisine, such as Soto, Rawon, Pepes and plenty more.

Unit outlines:
Day 1. Learn on how to handle knife for vegetable, fish, and chicken – based dishes.
Day 2. Complete course of the basic Indonesian seasoning and spices.
Day 3. Thorough lesson on oven baking and Sous Vide (vacuum sealed, water bath) technique.
Day 4. Primary technique on how to work with a wok for rice and noodles.
Day 5. Essential knowledge on how to prepare and create steamed dishes from scratch (Pepes).
Day 6. Learn on how to produce slow cooked beef dishes the correct way.
Day 7. Complete class on how to process meat into beef stock into soups.

intermediate CLASSES

Class Capacity
18 students max
8 times

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The intermediate cooking program provides a more complex and challenging menu for students to practice, as well as a further insight into various kinds of Indonesian bumbu. Students are also expected to have a reading recipe comprehension with less supervision.

Unit Outlines :
Day 1. Comprehensive class of how to make the complex Gudeg.
Day 2. Complete thorough class on how to make many varieties of Sambal.
Day 3. An advanced method on prepping meats for a complex dish (Rendang & Ikan Bakar)
Day 4. An in-depth knowledge on how to make dishes from scratch with an advanced grilling technique.
Day 5. A complete class on creating many types Sate with its complementing sauce from scratch.
Day 6. Class on how create beautiful plating for a Canape with unique Indonesian dishes.
Day 7. Deep dive into how to make Tumpeng with distinct protein taste from many regions in Indonesia.
Day 8. A creativity challenge for students to explore their ability by making any dish with advanced technique.


Uniform Set
Recipes & Module
Provided Ingredients
Premium Kitchen & Utenstils

Meet The Expert


Chef Pasya Hardiman or more familiarly called Chef Pasya is an alumni from NHI school in food production section. Because of his proficiency in western and fusion food, then he spread his wings to foreign country. Chef Pasya also have a working experience at Holland American Line Cruise for more than 6 years in fine dining section. Before he joined Arkamaya he once wa a resident chef in one of the cooking school pioneer for more than 4 years.