Kitchen Studio Rental Jakarta

Kitchen rental Jakarta – With an area of 340sqm, our state-of-the-art kitchen space is a truly a chef’s dream. There are two studios available for your cooking and baking needs, both are fully equipped with commercial and domestic appliances.

Whether it’s a pastry workshop or recipe-testing before opening a restaurant, our 7 fully self-contained work stations are perfect to expand your culinary business. Pastry course Jakarta.

Cooking Studio Facilities:

Food processor, Salamander, Four-burner stove, Deck oven, Griller, Hand blenders, Mixers, Vacuum pack machine, Blast chiller, Manual pasta maker

Baking Studio Facilities:

Hand blenders, Hand and standing mixers, Dough sheeter, Deck ovens, Traditional ovens, Convection ovens, Under-counter chiller and freezer, Blast chiller

Rent Fee Includes :

  • 2 Kitchen Helpers Included
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Multimedia system

Rooms are available on weekdays by appointment

Half Day
(~ 5 Hours)
Full Day
(~ 10 Hours)
Additional Hour
PastryIDR 7.000.000IDR 15.000.000IDR 2.500.000
CookingIDR 7.000.000IDR 15.000.000IDR 2.500.000


The intermediate cooking program provides a more complex and challenging menu for students to practice, as well as a further insight into various kinds of Indonesian bumbu. Students are also expected to have a reading recipe comprehension with less supervision.

Unit Outlines :
Day 1. Comprehensive class of how to make the complex Gudeg.
Day 2. Complete thorough class on how to make many varieties of Sambal.
Day 3. An advanced method on prepping meats for a complex dish (Rendang & Ikan Bakar)
Day 4. An in-depth knowledge on how to make dishes from scratch with an advanced grilling technique.
Day 5. A complete class on creating many types Sate with its complementing sauce from scratch.
Day 6. Class on how create beautiful plating for a Canape with unique Indonesian dishes.
Day 7. Deep dive into how to make Tumpeng with distinct protein taste from many regions in Indonesia.
Day 8. A creativity challenge for students to explore their ability by making any dish with advanced technique.


As an intermediate level from the basic program, there will be several previous recipes to continue with additional techniques and, in addition, new menus available for students to practice, such as Entremet and Lapis Legit.

Unit Outlines :
Day 1. An advanced knowledge of technique on making Paris-Brest pastries.
Day 2. Intermediate knowledge on creating flaky, “Viennoserie” baked goods with special Croissant.
Day 3. Dive into make the traditional way to make Lapis Legit with modern flavouring (Matcha).
Day 4. Learn to make various types of Pandan-based baked goods with various fillings.
Day 5. An introduction to 3 layers Entremet; a mousse-based, multi-layered with different textures cake.
Day 6. Further practice on the Entremet with 6 layers and filling alternatives.
Day 7. A creativity challenge for students to explore their ability by making an Entremet with an Indonesian flavour of their choice.


Inspired by the food industry that keeps developing as fast as poaching an egg, Arkamaya offers a first-class culinary education of Indonesian cuisine in the heart of Jakarta.

It is our belief that everyone has that creative soul and hunger for greatness. Accordingly, we have built a diverse range of programs (academy and short courses) for every person fond of Indonesian food, either a professional or an everyday learner. Each lesson will simmer your creativity to take that familiar taste from your mother’s kitchen, mix it well, and turn it into something new.