Choose Your Equipment Before Becoming a Croissant Supplier

Croissant Supplier

Are you thinking of becoming a croissant supplier? Well, it is very important for you to have all the equipment needed to make the most delicious croissants on earth. Make sure that you buy the rightest bakery equipment and get the most of you have paid. So, how to pick up the best equipment for your need? Just take a look at the following simple tips to choose the right equipment to start your croissant business!


  1. Preparing the Dough

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All the bakery good pieces, include croissants, always begin with the dough. The precise and proper mixture will influence the texture and quality of the croissants you make. To start your commercial bakery, you will need at least one dough mixer in your production area. One of the most crucial factors when picking up a commercial mixer is the matching capabilities of the device with the task you want it to perform for you.

  1. Dough Dividers and Dough Sheeters

Croissant Supplier

Another device that you have to consider when deciding to become a croissant supplier is a dough divider. The device will make it possible for you to have dough portions with equal weight and size. In this way, you will be able to produce doughs with consistent results to make the best croissants ever. Meanwhile, the dough sheeter will allow you to stretch and roll the dough into the specific thickness and size that you want. The dough dividers and dough sheeters are quite expensive. But the two devices will be perfect the most for you a high-volume establishment. They will be a valuable labor saver for your business. The dough dividers and sheeters will help you to create output consistency of your product.

  1. Proofing

Croissant Supplier

Proofing the croissant dough will help you to ensure it rises before you bake. In this way, a proofing cabinet is needed. The device will create a humid and warm environment so that the dough can rise perfectly. To pick up the rightest proofing cabinet, you will need to consider several things include the size, door configuration, and interior configurations. This will be very helpful if you buy the one which is completed with a holding function. In this way, you will be able to proof the dough and store the finished products in the same storage.

  1. Ovens


An oven is the heart of every bakery and croissant is just no exception. However, there are many types of the oven which you can find in the market. That makes the selection process becomes a bit tricky. To get the rightest oven that will be suitable the most with your need, just consider the quantities and type of products you make.

  1. Display Sales

Display Sales

Last but not least is the display sales. You can choose between non-refrigerated and refrigerated types of display sales. However, it will depend on the types of pf products that you are going to sell. But, you can also mix the two types of display sales. You also need to consider to choose between a self-serve display sale or the one that made to allow you to serve customers from behind the counter.

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