pastry course jakarta

Pastry Course Jakarta – This program consists of 8 meetings, where students will learn various basic techniques of baking which results in obtaining the essential skills for beginner level. At the completion of this program, students will gain knowledge, and be able to make their own fillings with selected base.

Unit Outlines :
Day 1. An introduction to cooking with “Au Bain Marie” or hot-water bath technique.
Day 2. Essential technique on making Sable Breton and Pâte Sablée as tart bases.
Day 3. Fundamental basic technique of making cream-filled pastries.
Day 4. Learn the basis of a Pound cake and a Sponge cake, as well as the chosen filling and decor.
Day 5. A complete insight on creating the perfect Bread.
Day 6. Basic technique of creating flaky, “Viennoserie” baked goods.
Day 7. Uncovering complete knowledge on all-things Macarons.
Day 8. A creativity challenge for students to explore their ability by making a dessert with a flavour of their choice.

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