The intermediate cooking program provides a more complex and challenging menu for students to practice, as well as a further insight into various kinds of Indonesian bumbu. Students are also expected to have a reading recipe comprehension with less supervision.

Unit Outlines :
Day 1. Comprehensive class of how to make the complex Gudeg.
Day 2. Complete thorough class on how to make many varieties of Sambal.
Day 3. An advanced method on prepping meats for a complex dish (Rendang & Ikan Bakar)
Day 4. An in-depth knowledge on how to make dishes from scratch with an advanced grilling technique.
Day 5. A complete class on creating many types Sate with its complementing sauce from scratch.
Day 6. Class on how create beautiful plating for a Canape with unique Indonesian dishes.
Day 7. Deep dive into how to make Tumpeng with distinct protein taste from many regions in Indonesia.
Day 8. A creativity challenge for students to explore their ability by making any dish with advanced technique.