kursus kue

As an intermediate level from the basic program, there will be several previous recipes to continue with additional techniques and, in addition, new menus available for students to practice, such as Entremet and Lapis Legit.

Unit Outlines :
Day 1. An advanced knowledge of technique on making Paris-Brest pastries.
Day 2. Intermediate knowledge on creating flaky, “Viennoserie” baked goods with special Croissant.
Day 3. Dive into make the traditional way to make Lapis Legit with modern flavouring (Matcha).
Day 4. Learn to make various types of Pandan-based baked goods with various fillings.
Day 5. An introduction to 3 layers Entremet; a mousse-based, multi-layered with different textures cake.
Day 6. Further practice on the Entremet with 6 layers and filling alternatives.
Day 7. A creativity challenge for students to explore their ability by making an Entremet with an Indonesian flavour of their choice.

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