indonesian Inspired CULINARY Platform

what we do

Inspired by the food industry that keeps developing as fast as poaching an egg, Arkamaya offers a first-class culinary education of Indonesian cuisine in the heart of Jakarta.

It is our belief that everyone has that creative soul and hunger for greatness. Accordingly, we have built a diverse range of programs (academy and short courses) for every person fond of Indonesian food, either a professional or an everyday learner. Each lesson will simmer your creativity to take that familiar taste from your mother’s kitchen, mix it well, and turn it into something new.


We believe that the best ideas have not yet been thought of, and that achieving excellence is a journey on a never-ending road.


Our love of Indonesian culinary – and the common purpose to bring it forward – is what drives us to continually make great things happen.


We strive to deliver delightful and enjoyable experiences for our customers in terms of programs, products, and services.

Inside our Kitchen

Our training rooms, also available for rent, are well equipped with sophisticated kitchen tools and also multimedia resources to set up an effective learning environment