In this program, students will be introduced to various kinds of Indonesian basic bumbu (white, yellow, red) and how they are processed with special techniques into the most delectable Indonesian cuisine, such as Soto, Rawon, Pepes and plenty more.

Unit outlines:
Day 1. Learn on how to handle knife for vegetable, fish, and chicken – based dishes.
Day 2. Complete course of the basic Indonesian seasoning and spices.
Day 3. Thorough lesson on oven baking and Sous Vide (vacuum sealed, water bath) technique.
Day 4. Primary technique on how to work with a wok for rice and noodles.
Day 5. Essential knowledge on how to prepare and create steamed dishes from scratch (Pepes).
Day 6. Learn on how to produce slow cooked beef dishes the correct way.
Day 7. Complete class on how to process meat into beef stock into soups.

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